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 “The meaning for UDDALAKA is a revered First Philosopher and Vedic sage of Hinduism. He is mentioned in many Vedic era Sanskrit texts, and his philosophical teachings are among the center piece in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishads and Chandogya Upanishads, two of the oldest Upanishadic scriptures.

 A famed Vedic teacher, He lived a few centuries before the Buddha and attracted students from far regions of the Indian subcontinent  some of his students such as Yajnavalkya are also highly revered in the Hindu traditions. Both Uddalaka and Yajnavalkya are among the most frequently mentioned Upanishadic teachers in Hinduism.


According to Ben-Ami Scharfstein, a professor emeritus of Philosophy at Tel Aviv University, Uddalaka was one of the first philosophers in recorded history. In the Chandogya Upanishads asks metaphysical questions concerning the nature of reality and truth, observes constant change, and asks if there is something that is eternal and unchanging. From these questions, embedded in a dialogue with his son, he presents the concept of Ātman (soul, Self) and universal Self.


We want our Team has to be Technically Strong, Philosophy Oriented, Vedic, Knowledged, Teaches whole world and the center piece in the Brihadaranyaka / World. Thus, the word was coined. 


Established on 11th October 2018, by accompanying love with God, entrusted to establish a new Divine world, Social Service in the name of my father Late Sri Jaganatha Acharya  the Great Ex-Army-man who fought for the motherland, took part in 4 wars, dedicated, courageous and an extraordinary soldier. My mother Late Gopala Rukmini, Veeranari, housewife and my wife Late Mrs. Sridevi  always helped many people, and my goal, ambition and ever interested in establishing the “Divine Society”




Web Development Web Design Mobile Application Enterprise Software Software Business Development Business Services Small and Medium Businesses New Product Development Manufacturing


Uddalaka Mission

To produce excellent services in the field of  Information & Digital Technology and Innovative Products 


We are Establishing ” Technology & Research Center “


We Train & Develop Candidates, to awake their inner strength, skills, ideas according to persons interest  in Research and Produce Innovative Technologies with the help of Our Yoga Ashram, Gurukul, Best Environment, Value Education, Peace Home, Satvik Food, Technology Research & Development Center.  Be a Part of Make in INDIA !!! 



To build upon a reputation of being one of the most Innovative IT Solution and Service provider. We believe in doing our work in the most efficient way with robust and structured methodology, with gradual evolution from hard work to smart work culture, at client’s end as well. To produce excellent services in the field of  IT Services and Consultancy with maximum efforts driven towards client satisfaction.


​Startup Company -T-Hub & DIPP,Oct-2018 Regd.Hyderabad, India.


Domain Registration, Hosting, Website Design, E-commerce Websites, Mobile Apps

​AI, ML. Data Science, Software Development, CRM, Innovative Technology Ideas & Products, Technology & Research, Projects ..etc



DIVINE TECHNOLOGY – A Software Institute and Skill Development Center Year 2007 -17 (Previous)

1. We trained (Computer Education & Skill Training) over 4000 candidates( students, Housewives, Businessmen)

2. We placed many candidates into Govt. Departments(contract basis), Pvt. Org. others.

3. We did Job works & Live Training on DTP works, School works like Letterheads, brochures, pamphlets, 

   question papers, banners, ID Cards etc.

4. Job works, Designing, Printing & Live Training like Visiting cards, Letterheads, Brochures, Banners, Labels, 

   ID Cards, Name Plates, etc… supply to Govt. Departments like Postal, Telecom, Police, Pvt, Traders, Shops, Schools, 

5. Computer Training Classes in Schools.

6. Yoga & Meditation Classes in Schools and Colleges.

7. Special Training like Tailoring, Printing, Screen Printing, Marketing, Telemarketing, Job works

8. Housewives & unemployed opened their own shops. Joined in Organisations


Research &Technology

We are in to Research & Technology: New Technologies and Trends…

Software Development

Software Development Services

Website Development

Business Website Design, Domain and Hosting Services

Business Software Admin

Business IT Admin and User ID Creation Services

Mobile Apps

Business Mobile Apps Development

Software Training & Skill Training

Software Training and Development

Uddalaka  Team

Uddalaka Team

Madhusudhan Acharya Kodakandla Founder

Bachelor of Engineering – Osmania University, Hyderabad

Diploma in Engineering from State Board of Technology -1984-87

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications 2007-09

Yoga & Meditation Learner & Trainer – Since 2007

Experience: Admin Manager /HR /Sr. Faculty in my Own-

Divine Technology Institute:

(Computer Basics, MS Office, DCA, PGDCA, Internet, Photoshop, Coral Draw, Page maker, Multimedia, Tally, C, C++, Java, HTML, Web Development, Hardware & Networking, IT, etc…) – 2007-2017

HR Recruiter & Admin Manager – MNC IT Company – 2.8 Yrs

Customer Support Sales & Service Engineer: Office Automation Products – 16 Yrs (1988 – 2004)

Freelance Online Marketer /Researcher/ Search Engineer- 2+ Yrs

Customer Support Engineer -Telecom 2 Years

Customer Support Engineer–Banking Sector– 1.5 Yrs

Service Engineer for Lifts for 1 year


Tejaswini Co-Founder

Bachelor of Business Management – Osmania University, Hyderabad -2014-16

MSc. IT. Persuing Worked as a Finance Executive in MNC for 1 year

Working as a Finance Executive in Amazon Since February 2019.

Working Part time Supporting Uddalaka Team


Sadia Tabassum Associate Director


Sai Priya Associate Director




Startup India, T-Hub, DIPP Registered, Hyderabad, India

Uddalaka  Services

Success is a Journey not a Destination

Website Designing & Hosting

Starting From Rs. 3000/-

E-Commerce Websites

Starting From Rs. 8000/-

Mobile Apps

Starting From Rs. 10,000/-

Business Solutions Software Development

Starting From Rs. 10,000/-